Admission of foreigners

Admission to IAM's Master's and Doctoral Postgraduate Programs can be achieved through three different processes:

1. Graduate Student-Convention Program (PEC-PG): This selection process is a collaboration between the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher-Level Personnel (CAPES), the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE).

2. IAM/Fiocruz-PE Graduation Program: To be eligible for this program, the candidate must have a scholarship fund in their home country. A committee will evaluate the candidate and their research project to check its alignment with the course's research areas. If the project receives a positive evaluation, the candidate will be interviewed by a board consisting of the course coordinator and two professors from the program.

3. Foreign candidates residing in Brazil on a temporary visa can apply for Graduation Programs at IAM/Fiocruz-PE through the regular selection process outlined in the Public Call.


  • How does the PEC-PG work?

    The PEC-PG Program offers scholarships for full doctoral studies in Brazilian higher education institutions to university professors, researchers, professionals, and graduates from developing countries that have an Educational, Cultural, Science, and Technology Cooperation Agreement with Brazil. The program aims to enhance the qualifications of the students, enabling them to contribute to the development of their respective countries. For additional information, please click here.

  • I am a foreign student. How may I contact the IAM Graduation Program to apply?

    The candidate should call +55 81 2101.2617 or e-mail theAcademic Secretariat.

  • What documentation is required?

    The candidate must follow the announcement of the public call in which the necessary documents are established.

  • What are the evaluation criteria for foreign candidates applying for the master's or doctoral program in the IAM?

    The candidate's research project will be evaluated by a committee to ensure its relevance and alignment with the course's research areas. If the project meets these requirements, the candidate will be interviewed by a panel consisting of the course coordinator and two professors from the selected program.

  • Can the foreign candidate receive a scholarship?

    The foreign candidate must have an assured scholarship in his/her home country.

  • Is lodging offered to foreign students?

    The Aggeu Magalhães Institute does not provide accommodation for students coming from other states or countries.